26 Maggio 2019

Behaviour Rules
Bed linen is changed once a week, on Saturdays. Apartments are cleaned every Saturday between 10.00am and 2.00pm.
Apartments are cleaned and tidied up if they are free of guests by 10.30am.
If you would like us to change your towels, please leave them on the floor.
Our bathrooms are all fitted with hair dryers and a courtesy set of toiletries.

Noise Disturbance
We urge our guests to keep noise to a minimum, especially the volume of the TV and musical devices. This is to maintain the quiet ambience we seek to offer all our guests, especially between 2.00 and 4.00 pm and from 11.00pm to 9.00am.

You can connect to the internet, free of charge, in all parts of the Farm Holiday facilities.

If you lose your keys you will be charged with the cost of changing the lock.

Theft and loss of belongings
La Papessa declines all responsibility for objects that may be stolen or lost during your stay.

our car park is not guarded and although it is highly unlikely that cars be broken into or stolen, we advise you to lock your car when you leave it.

Four legged Guests
Small dogs, cats, parrots, rabbits and other pets are always welcome at La Papessa, but they are not allowed on the beds or sofas. In respect for other guests and rules of hygiene we also deny access of animals to the swimming pool. In the area around the apartments dogs must be kept leashed.

Smoking is forbidden inside the apartments.

Separate Rubbish collection
At La Papessa we collect our rubbish separately so it can be recycled, please use the bins accordingly. You will find large bins on the Provincial main road, on the right as you come out of our private drive. There are small bins in the car park for small waste.

Use of electric hobs
The electric hobs in your apartment are simply turned on and off by a switch on the hob. Please be careful, especially if you have children, because the hobs stay hot for several minutes after the hob has been turned off. Please do not turn on the hobs while the dish washer is in use.

Other heated appliances and open flames
Do not use other forms of heating, irons and/or open flame objects in the apartments.

The instructions for using the dishwasher are inside the overhead cupboard door.

Eletctronic Combination Safe
Follow the instructions here below.
To insert code
1 – Press key R
2 – Digit your own, secret four numbered code (eg, 1234)
3 - Press key * (after three beeps the code has been memorised).
To open the safe
1- Press key R
2Digit your private code
To close the safe
1- press key R
2. Press key *

Heating and air conditioning
The temperature is already set on ideal for comfort and with respect for the current laws. The temperature can, however, be changed by turning the thermostat.
So as to avoid excessive use of electricity and for better performance, please make sure that windows and doors are closed while the heating/cooling system is in use, especially when you leave the apartment.

Crockery and cutlery
Please do not leave crockery or cutlery outside your apartment after use. There is a kettle in each apartment.

Laudry Room
On the premises you will find a laundry room with washing machine, drying racks, ironing board and iron. Use of the laundry room is free of charge but we do not supply detergent.
Instructions for the use of the washing machine:
Put the detergent into the detergent tray and choose the temperature you desire by turning the knob, then press ON. A red light will come on, which means that the machine is functioning. Please make sure you use an anti-limescale product with each wash. When the cycle has finished wait for three minutes before opening the door.
Instructions for the iron:
Put the plug in the socket and press the switch to on. Please use demineralised water in the iron.
• Synthetic fibres
• Silk/wool
• Cotton/linen
If in doubt please ask at Reception for further help.
Please do not hang washing to dry on the windows.

Extra Beds and cradles
If you would like an extra bed or a cradle please inform us before your arrival. These can be added only to apartments of three or four rooms.

In Case of Breakages
Should any part of our equipment be broken or damaged during your stay, please let us know. You will be charged with the cost of replacement or repair.

Malfunctions or breakage of systems
If any of the systems in the apartment should not work as it should, or breaks down during your stay, please inform us immediately so we can get it mended and to help us improve our service.

Respect for All
We trust our guests will appreciate our desire to keep the atmosphere at La Papessa quiet, relaxing and pleasant for all, especially at night and in the early afternoon. Hence we hope all our guests will behave accordingly. Please be careful when handling the equipment and facilities we offer.
Although we do not encourage it, if you would like to invite someone who is not part of your party to La Papessa, please ask beforehand at Reception.
We ask you also to respect the plants, animals and all you will find here. We encourage environmental respect which also means avoiding unnecessary use of water and electricity.
Some of the areas on our estate are not accessible to our guests, so please pay attention to the signs saying where you may not go.
Children must ALWAYS be accompanied by a responsible adult, in every part of the grounds; we decline all responsibility of accidents involving unaccompanied minors.
We reserve the right to charge guests for any damage done to plants, animals, décor and equipment belonging to Fattoria Montecchio during your stay.

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