18 Agosto 2017

The Farm
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The Farm

Montecchios Farm ,once belonged to one of the noblest families in Tuscany , the Torrigiani, is the heart of a property of more than 300 hcts ,in the oldest part of the Chianti Classico area, with the ideal altitude of 400 metres.

Inside the property there are natural parks, hunting areas , an old tower from the 900 and a kiln, which still produces precious hand made terracotta. The traditional farmhouses have been renovated to become an Agriturismo.

The current owner, Mr. Ivo Nuti, purchased the farm in the 60s to improve the production of olive oil and wine.
From 1995 thanks to a new intensive program of investment and modernization in the viticulture and grape growing, the Farm reaches high quality standard .

The Sangiovese is the base of our wines, together with the more international Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Actually we have an intensive planting of 6250 plants per hect,with a maximum production of no more than 1,5 kg per plant.

In a separate building there is the ancient Oil-Mill, where we are proud to produce the Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Always part of the Farm, The kiln, one of the oldest and renowned of this area, is located 1 km away from the Farm within the estate. Even today we produce the Tuscan Antifreeze Terracotta following the ancient traditional handicraft. Visitors are particularly moved while watching the manufacturing of each single object.

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